THE BLUE INDEX is a reaction, a safe space, a yearning for power.

the blue index – a symbol for [fake]democracy in the Middle East and surrounding Third worlds

– the physical act of plunging your index in blue ink and voting.

That democracy is most often bought, managed, and delusional.

A US performer


holding a pot of ink in front of his audience

[the ever-so invaded Afghans],

asking whether they would like to know how this

[the ink? Democracy?]


the blue index

hopes to give you a sense of

independence, not


A repetition of that NO!

a NO to perception management.

a NO to reality distortion.

a NO to the oversimplified JPEG.

a NO to the beautiful pretence.

a non ELEKTROPOLITIK reality.

But we will whisper,                                 and not shout.

[now you see it,                       now you don’t]

We will re-create Corneille’s L’illusion Comique                                                                      with invisible power.

The unexpected is more powerful                     – a fast train over a tranquil view.


wherever you may wish to go –


to the blue line,

the green line,

725 5th Ave,

or your local grocery store.